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irl_lolz's Journal

Stories from our every day lives
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*deskface*, *palmface*, adam painter, adventures, awkward moments, bay area, black velvet, brenden theatres, bureau of missing heirs, bus of the undead™, butters, california, captain pluto, cc lane, cool tunes, dedicated readers, fat kid on bike, freaking out, frivolity, fun, funny stories, gummi bears on window, having a designated butters, hilariosity, hot jamz, inside jokes, irl, irl lolz, irony, jeremiah was a bullfrog, jokes, kid on a skateboard, laughing at white folk, laughing until puking, laughter, letters, livejournal, lolz in general, mc hammer, memories, milk through nose, mischief, modesto, monster hunting, myspace, nick wason, non-fiction, order of royal do-nothings, photographs, puns, regal theatres, rompings, san francisco, san jose, santa cruz, screaming in terror, south park, sticky situations, stories, tales, the committee, the common lj-er's life, the extermination of gingers, the flying poptart, the gates of hell™, unforgettable memories, was it cames?