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irl_lolz's Journal

Stories from our every day lives
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This community was created for the purpose of telling your hilarious stories. These stories could have been at school, home, work, out and about--wherever! The basic guidelines are simply that they be IRL (In Real Life--in other words, you didn't make it up) and they must be fun or lighthearted. Elaborations and overdramatics are fully welcome, though, as are sagas, cliffhangers, themes, vendettas, etc. All funny/amazing/awkward/embarrassing/etc. stories are welcome. If it put a smile on your face, it probably will put a smile on ours. This community was created for the simple fact that there seems to be no communities on lj for non-fiction stories; no place for users to come in and explain a mishap, an ironic twist of fate, ego boosters, or anything of the like. I (xvampiratex) happen to have a plethora of amazing stories to tell, because it seems that my life just happens to attract the strangest/most hilarious situations, which is why I plan on actually publishing an anthology of my own stories in the future.

In all: come, stay a while, tell a story, read a story, and enjoy. Oh, and BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. No flame wars.
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